Is it just me?

Today I planned to write a blog post about my lovely shop and how the High Street has changed over the eleven years that it has been open.

But… there is a more pressing issue.

I am losing my marbles.  “Yes”, I hear some of you shout, “that happened years ago”!  And you could be right.

Is it just me who remembers something very important that HAS to be done immediately, at the top of the stairs and has forgotten what it is by the time I get to the bottom?

Is it just me who has to drive back home straight after leaving to pick up their forgotten glasses, only to discover that they are in the side pocket of the car door?

Is it just me who is half way through saying something and forgets what on earth they were talking about?

Or is it just me??

Sometimes it is all just too much, I have a theory that your brain can only hold so much information (despite me trying to cram enough in there for two people) and when you try to mentally file that last crucial task it shoves it back out again.  Probably down your nose.

The problem is that there are so many people to disappoint and at the moment they are forming a not very orderly queue…

E.g.  Did you… change my school trousers, get my mini Christmas Tree, order presents for my friends, get a hundred weight of suppositories, remember recycling bags, pack my clothes for the Christmas play, make a vets appointment for the cat/dog (delete as applicable)


“So”  I hear you cry… “what are you going to do about it?”

I’ll tell you what.

Set my alarm for 6am and, before anyone gets up and wants something, I am going to crochet a granny square using the wool from my Opal Advent Calendar.


Where’s the Gin?

p.s. The suppositories pictured are not necessarily the requested brand due to a national shortage, who’d have known!


One thought on “Is it just me?

  1. exidia says:

    You are not alone Mrs K&G – I am the woman who found herself in the endless queue in the post office yesterday holding a parcel without an address. I could not reliably remember the address, it was not in my phone, (all details lost in last “upgrade”), and I couldn’t phone anyone to ask as there is no phone signal in that area for my “service” provider. Went home – wrapped another present which had materialised and needed posting, joined queue at another post office, how blessed are we? 3 post offices within a 20 minute drive and no parking outside any of them. Realised had again not picked up the address label for first parcel, it was sitting on the dining room table. Phoned home (mercifully there is a signal), entertained entire queue with conversation about how to find address label. Was saved because although husband was not picking up (“very” busy with important work), girlfriend of younger son was, so the queue was entertained by my descriptions of where I might have left the label given to someone who is unfamiliar with the house, and is too polite to go through the heaps of paperwork which spill from every horizontal surface…..
    8 days and it’s all over and I can sleep!


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