I Love Christmas!

I love Christmas!

Actually what I love the most is the decorations…

There’s nothing better than coming home to a glittering Christmas Tree full of all your favourite baubles and a garland or two!


This year I have invested in this beautiful misletoe and pine cone garland from one of my favourite shops, Me, Me, Me in Leighton Buzzard.  The robins were an exciting purchase from Ikea, especially when I discovered they came in a pack of 3 for £5, I had an urge to fill my blue bag with boxes of robins…

The knitted decorations you can see peeping through were made in Loveknitting‘s new range of Paintbox yarn.  The brief was for a ‘Winter’ garland, rather than ‘Christmas’.  So I interpreted that as a Winter Woodland Garland and made a star, pine cones, holly sprig, misletoe and a snowflake.

The pattern is available as a free download from Loveknitting at the moment, perfect timing for a last minute Christmas knit.


The snowflake was particularly tricky to work out.  Yes, a crocheted snowflake is MUCH easier to acheive!  But… after a bit of brainache and frustration I worked out how to do it.

Each ‘arm’ of the snowflake is knitted separately, the stitches left from each one are not cast off and put on a spare needle, all in a row.  Then you thread your working yarn through all the stitches to gather into a star, perfect!

In other news I bought myself a bottle of Baileys at the end of November, well the litre bottle was on special offer…. I have managed to save it until tonight when Christmas really starts, because the children break up from school and my son comes home from University.  Earlier in the week it was joined by a bottle of Chocolate Baileys…

Roll on Christmas!

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