Easter and bunnies…

Usually, when I write a book with Search Press the idea for the title comes from them.  I am given a brief, my mind starts working and off we go.

But Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me is a bit different so I thought I’d tell you about where the idea came from.

About five years ago, at The Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate I had an idea to make little knitted animals for my girls.  I bought some boucle wool, liberty print fat quarters and pure wool felt.  This all seemed like such a good idea, something I would do as soon as I got home and give them for Christmas….

Well, you know how it is, after knitting most of the pieces for the bunnies and sewing one together, other knitting got in the way and my good intentions came to nothing.

However, two years ago, just before Easter, I had a bright idea.  I could make Easter bunnies for my daughters and their cousins (plus Grandma because I knew she would love it).


So six bunnies altogether, wearing clothes… and I had (by this time) less than two weeks.

Luckily I work well under pressure.

Well the needles clicked and the sewing machine whirred and, by Easter, there were six finished bunnies, wearing dresses and teeny tiny felt shoes.  I then took a ball of cotton home from the shop and quickly crocheted six little bags designed to hold a Lindt chocolate bunny.


By this time I as running out of steam but I managed to knit a few mini bunnies so that the girls had something to pop into their bags when they had eaten their little chocolate.


I’m not sure who had the most pleasure from these bunnies, I think it was me actually!


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