A trip to Welsh Wales

Last weekend was Wonderwool Wales and so Heather and I packed up and drove deep into the beautiful Welsh countryside.  I think Wonderwool has to be one of the friendliest shows I have exhibited at, AND THE FOOD!!  What a choice there was.  Heather is vegetarian and I will eat just about anything (although I have certain stipulations when it comes to cheese) and we were both more than well catered for, yum yum!


As you can see the stand was larger than expected and we worked hard to make it look as full as possible, I was rather pleased that we could attach the washing line of clothes from Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me to the stand itself, it made an eyecatching display it was lovely to see it making a lot of people smile.

The little nests you can see were an absolute bargain from Waitrose post Easter.  Originally £4 for one tiny and one not so tiny, reduced to just 50p!  I do get very excited about getting a bargain and they were just perfect for the birds.

The two cosy birds in the first picture are the Lovebirds I made for Erika Knight using her gorgeous British Blue Face Leicester DK.  We have a few kits left from the show which I have just put up on the website.

I love the shows we exhibit at, there is nothing quite like it, meeting lots of lovely people and catching up with other exhibitors who we may only see a few times a year, but have become good friends.  The other bonus of course is… SHOPPING!!

I was very restrained at Wonderwool (I know, unusual for me).  I bought some amazing buttons from Maggie and Colin at The Textile Garden, the shell buttons are for a shirt dress and the cute little hand buttons are for a shirt – when I find the right fabric to go with them.

The show was rather chilly but at least gave us the chance to wear ALL our knitwear – at the same time.  It was also the first outing for my new sweater design.  I’m really looking forward to having it ready for test knitting and I also need a name for it, all suggestions welcome! (p.s. I hate having my picture taken).  It is knitted using Merino DK yarn from La Bien Aimee in ‘Pop Grunge’.


Next year Wonderwool has a wonderful plan, to have a ‘Curtain of Poppies’ all knitted, crocheted and woven by volunteers – each poppy will represent a person from the UK who lost their life in the First World War.  I am definitely going to make a few and if you would like to help HERE is a link with more information and a selection of poppy patterns available to download.

If you are considering a visit to Wonderwool next year, you should, there are roughly 250 exhibitors, lovely food, friendly knitters and beautiful countryside, what more could you want!

Happy Knitting and Gin drinking… Sue x

3 thoughts on “A trip to Welsh Wales

  1. Wendy J Edwards says:

    I just love your newsletter. It’s my first one. Being a Brit married to an Australian and living in tropical North Queensland my Knitting needs were limited. However I now run a small knit, crochet and craft group called Yarners.

    Members are all residents of a War veterans retirement village.

    We all made poppies which I attached to a piece of hessian in the shape of a large cross. It is used within the village on Remembrance Day and ANZAC day services.

    I also sent several of my own poppies back home to England that were used in their service and at the Chelsea flower show.

    We would like to send some for your collection so please tell me when you need the by and where to send them.

    Cheers for now.

    Wendy J Sent from my Gold iPad Air 2



    • theknittinghutblog says:

      What a lovely idea! I hope you had a great Anzac Day, my knitty friend Bekky has just moved to Melbourne and said it was like Remembrance Sunday here but with beer! If you click on the link to Wonderwool there is information there of where to send them but if you prefer, you can send them to me and I can forward them on, we have plenty of time, they are going to display them next April at the show. I am glad you enjoyed the post, I’m still getting used to putting my thoughts ‘out there’! Sue x


  2. Wendy J Edwards says:

    Love your sweater how about Raspberry Ripple for a name?

    Wendy J Sent from my Gold iPad Air 2

    Wendy J Sent from my Gold iPad Air 2


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