Is it just me?

Today I planned to write a blog post about my lovely shop and how the High Street has changed over the eleven years that it has been open.

But… there is a more pressing issue.

I am losing my marbles.  “Yes”, I hear some of you shout, “that happened years ago”!  And you could be right.

Is it just me who remembers something very important that HAS to be done immediately, at the top of the stairs and has forgotten what it is by the time I get to the bottom?

Is it just me who has to drive back home straight after leaving to pick up their forgotten glasses, only to discover that they are in the side pocket of the car door?

Is it just me who is half way through saying something and forgets what on earth they were talking about?

Or is it just me??

Sometimes it is all just too much, I have a theory that your brain can only hold so much information (despite me trying to cram enough in there for two people) and when you try to mentally file that last crucial task it shoves it back out again.  Probably down your nose.

The problem is that there are so many people to disappoint and at the moment they are forming a not very orderly queue…

E.g.  Did you… change my school trousers, get my mini Christmas Tree, order presents for my friends, get a hundred weight of suppositories, remember recycling bags, pack my clothes for the Christmas play, make a vets appointment for the cat/dog (delete as applicable)


“So”  I hear you cry… “what are you going to do about it?”

I’ll tell you what.

Set my alarm for 6am and, before anyone gets up and wants something, I am going to crochet a granny square using the wool from my Opal Advent Calendar.


Where’s the Gin?

p.s. The suppositories pictured are not necessarily the requested brand due to a national shortage, who’d have known!


Knitting and Stitching Show – Harrogate

What a lovely weekend I had with Clare at The Knitting and Stitching show, read all about her side of the story here!

The Knackered Psycho

I have finally managed to catch a few moments to tell you about the weekend.  As you know, I went to help my friend Sue Stratford on her stand over the weekend at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show.  I normally go to the one at Alexandra Palace as a punter, but I am going through my work experience phase of trying to get some understanding of what it takes to make the shows successful, just in case I get a bit braver and contemplate doing a show myself.

Sue is brilliant on all sorts of levels.  She is a super talented pattern designer, mostly known for her books on novelty knits.  She is very modest and down-to-earth, really approachable, and has a wonderful relationship with the people who buy her books and kits.  And just on a personal level it is a pleasure to spend time in her…

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The Knitting & Stitching Show – Harrogate

It was lovely to meet Karis from Jamieson and Smith at Harrogate this week, read her fab post about the show here. I am still lusting after her Wool Week T-shirt she was wearing! Happy Knitting!

J&S Blog

We’re halfway into the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show so I thought this would be a good time to share with you how it’s going.

As you may know, this is the first show we’ve attended for quite a few years. We weren’t sure exactly how it would go or what people would be looking for so we took a mixture of kits with samples, combed tops, jumper boards, glove boards… a lot of different items!


It’s been great so far, many beautiful stands and we’ve met some wonderful people. Here are a few visitors who stopped by to see us and a small selection of exhibitors we love (more in next post!).

Knitwear designer and tutor, Graeme Knowles-Miller, brought along some of his designs made using our 2ply Jumper Weight. It was so lovely chatting with him! You can see beautiful images of his work on his website.


While Helen…

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Starting with a knitty weekend…

There’s nothing a knitter likes more than a knitty day out… and that is just the day I had a couple of weeks ago.

My lovely friend Bekky, who is also an avid knitter, is emigrating to Australia at the end of the month to start an exciting new job so, together with Max (who some of you will know as @Knitiam on Instagram) we organised a day to remember!

We wrapped up warm, pulled on our pompom hats and took a trip across town to the Renegade Craft Fair, held in the Truman Building in Brick Lane. Wow! What an event that was, I’d highly recommend a visit in the future. It was full of independent makers with imaginative and super-cute makes.   I bought this amazing ring from Fernworks, it contains a teeny weeny sea urchin encased in Resin, Faryn found the sea urchin on a beach in Mexico, it fitted perfectly, so of course, I had to have it.


Max, Bekky and I are a bit ‘pin’ obsessed at the moment and so we added to our collections and, when we stopped for a bite to eat, pinned them all on our Fringe Field Bags. We are easily pleased!


Another trip on the tube took us to Yarnporium.  Bekky had won tickets from the lovely Kettle Yarn Co (thanks Linda!) and we had a great time looking round and chatting to old friends. I bought these gorgeous buttons from Maggie at The Textile Garden to replace some on a coat (I lost one) and three balls of Purl Alpaca DK to knit my son a hat for Christmas. I need to get some more because Poppy has now requested a hat in this yarn too. As you can see I succumbed to project bags from Little Grey Girl and had to have a couple of cards from Max’s World, her moths are beautiful, especially the one she had just finished and put on display.


After a quick G&T (and knitting) we headed off to Loveknitting HQ, where I had been invited to a Bloggers and Designers event.  As you have probably worked out, I wasn’t invited for my blogging skills, but that is something I am planning on getting better at.  We were welcomed by a glass of Prosecco (nothing better) and during the evening we had the opportunity to squish lots of new and exciting yarns coming soon to the Loveknitting website. Max and Bekky both went home with Paintbox yarn Advent Calendars with plans of what they were going to create. I am just finishing off a design for a festive pattern using the Paintbox yarns, the colours are great and I know I will use it again in the future.

img_5455As we left, we were each handed a yarnie goodie bag too, how exciting! My favourites were this gorgeous rainbow Koigu which is going to be a pair of mittens for Lola and this Sweet Georgia which is going to be mittens for me.  Bekky very kindly gave me her skein so I now have enough. I am also planning to knit this amazing ‘Yara’ yarn from Lang Yarns into a hat for one of my daughters. There’s 160m on the ball, so plenty.


Of course, I already have a few (ahem) projects on the go so I’m going to have to wait to cast on… if I can! It’s a bit early for a G&T, so I’m off for a cuppa, see you soon x